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Ovehum Values education humanity

Our Mission

Protecting the rights and wellbeing of EVERY child

Values: Protection and defense of the child (CRC) from any situation of vulnerability.

Education: Strategies and programs to prevent trauma and ensure an integral development.

Humanity: A global platform against violence from infancy to adolescence.

Our Causes

Awareness-raising measures

Human Rights Education & Role models to predict and prevent violence. Read More

Education and Youth Counseling

Student, Teacher & Family training to improve living and learning environments. Read More

Institutional & Ngo’s Advising

Policy Analysis and Evaluation of programs with cross-functional management. Read More

Intro to the Repairing Love and Universal Healing Meditation


After several months more dedicated to digital networks (usually known as “social media”), focused on spreading external information, we recover the posts published at the OveHum. This time we return with a topic that is increasingly present in debates and problems both in the classroom, as in the family and in society in general, empathy. […]

Being Grandma Today

One of the pillars on which the OveHum is based is the value of Humanity. We understand that society is being dehumanized for various reasons. Family structures and their roles, social dynamics, and communication patterns are loaded with desensitizing aspects that affect adults and children. Despite this, we always find experiences that slow down these […]

Safety Against Forced Exploitation

“Predictive attitudes and preventive cultures against violence”, that is the slogan at the OveHum InterNational, and this means we need to understand the characteristics of potential victims in all scenarios we deal with. We’ve posted about school violence, about the risks on the Internet, about profiles to identify behavioral issues, etc. Now we’ welcome our […]


What our children are saying

How do you know if someone loves for real? How can we know love? The one that is true, because sometimes people say – I love you -,.but it doesn’t look like they really mean it... or they say it, but then they do things that… I don’t know… I don’t think that is Love... like… true love?. - Leire, 11

We do not count for anything on the subject of the sport, it is always soccer and basketball ... it would be nice if there would be track and field, and volleyball in all schools because that way we could participate the girls, but it is always the same. It's not fair. - Paula, 13

I play on the school's football league, and I don't understand that there are parents who get upset during the games, and they start screaming to us from outside. They're worse than the coach! And sometimes they start swearing and insulting, and if we lose you wouldn't believe the anger. - Aitor, 14

The problem of the school climate is that teachers don't care about us. They teach the class, period. To me, they are here just because, they only intervene when there is a big issue going on, and sometimes not even that because the director or the head of studies deals with it. - Roberto, 15

I think overall the parents are too busy with their things, their jobs and stuff, and when they have time they prefer to do their own things rather than worrying about how we are. They see the grades, period. They only care about the grades. - Ana, 13