The aim of this course is to show harassment and cyberbullying from a professional educational perspective by providing information on its causes, and also on what type of prevention and intervention should be most appropriate. This course presents real cases that are occurring in schools and high schools so that participants can make realistic proposals for intervention and prevention.

  1. Introduction: social context, virtual context, and school environment.
  2. Values ​​and Counter-Values ​​in today’s society. The family.
  3. Profiles and roles of adults and minors.
  4. Antisocial Behavior: Bullying and Cyberbullying.
  5. Consequences of the uncontrolled use of the Internet in the educational environment.
  6. Intervention strategies: how to act in a situation of bullying.
  7. Legal issues to be aware of in any educational environment.
  8. Cross-curricular profiles and new trends.
  9. Predictive Attitudes and Preventive Cultures.
  10. OveHum International: an international platform against violence.