No More Victims of School Violence

Today’s liquid world is wrought with the violence and suffering that are caused by the chaotic dynamics we live in. In this world of technology and superficiality, we need to step back, take a deep breath, release our minds from harmful thoughts and exhale them out of our body. Just taking few minutes a day to do this, we’ll be able to sense the positive energy around us and within us, the Kindness, the Compassion; the elements that can act as an antidote to violence.

We have always had Mentors in the History of Humankind like Gandhi or The Dalai Lama, convinced about the great qualities of our souls for Love, Peace, Truth, Dignity; all Human Values. Just by introducing the study of these Mentors in class, their messages and the experiences they’ve shared, we can introduce simple acts in our daily life, and as a result, there would be less violence.
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