“Humanizatech” is a project about digital technologies and how they affect communication, mainly among young people, but also among adults, teachers and families

As the first online project we have launched from the OveHum, we are looking for an international approach from which to obtain a comparative perspective

By having the questionnaires translated into the three main languages of the OveHum, we will obtain the data directly from anywhere in the world, both from adolescent and adult users, which will facilitate all processing and interpretation of the data

In a second part of the research, the positive and negative points of this technological expansion will be evaluated, to make psycho-social assessments, but also related to the educational and legal aspects.

Based on these evaluations, educational (pedagogical) tools and legal reforms will be proposed, always from the Convention on the Rights of the Child, seeking its integral development

If you are interested and want to participate or sponsor this project, please use the contact form or send us an e-mail and we’ll see how to collaborate. Thank you!


Family (Adults)