The Sea proves: we are guilty

In 2020 we suffered few months of confinement that will go down in history as an anecdote, despite the inhumane effects they have left (and we continue to ignore). During those months, online meetings took place hoping that shared tragedy would make reflect and react all the people who share a life on this planet. Despite the hope, it seems as if we’d have been anesthetized and empathy blured. Once again, nature tries to show the current situation, and the Sea proves: we are guilty.

The hope of a “better world” has been always present in our history (of humanity). Yet, we are never humble enough to recognize that world, begins by acknowledging our defects, our crimes, our infinite levels of greed, which only generate suffering in all living beings with whom we share our time on the planet.

I should already make two points.

  • The only living beings that profit from this suffering are humans. Usually narcissistic politicians and traitors to their citizens, or managers of multinationals (arms, pharmaceuticals, energy…). They only see the value of money and control power, without understanding that they won’t take any of that with them, wherever they go when they’re dead.
  • The second point, something that it seems that we have not fully understood, and that is not sufficiently explained in schools. Human beings are mortal; that is, sooner or later, we are going to die because this is the nature of our species.

So why do we keep killing, destroying, razing, lying, and planning more of all of that? How about restoring, replenishing, healing, and growing, respecting life in general; and doing everything possible to prosper, as members of the community that welcomes us, the Earth and its Sea.

The Sea is blaming us…

In school they explained that 65% of our body is water, that muscles and organs need that water to survive. This “Blue Planet” is called like that for the same reason, 70% is water. Therefore, each human being is a representation of the planet.

Water is necessary to survive, but not just any water. The purity, the temperature, the salinity, are some of the variables that play different roles in this fragile balance. Altering this balance has fatal consequences. For this reason, years ago discussions began about a process of “climate change” that would arrive in the future… unless… blah, blah, blah.

It is necessary to learn “from” Nature. Now the Sea answers: we are guilty. Here some examples from the Mediterranean (2023) that prove the effects of our abuse and confirm the verdict:

A Portuguese man-of-war (not a jellyfish), typical of cold waters, normally from the Atlantic Ocean, now often in the Mediterranean.

Several broken white Barrel jellyfish (rhizosthoma pulmo) on the beach.

Some luminescent Ctenophores (comb jellies) on the surface and near the coast, although they are beings of the depths.

One hour paddle surfing in two different days, and about 300 meters from the beach accumulated amounts of plastic.


If 65% of the Human Body is water, and 70% of Planet Earth is water, each human, is a living representation of the planet.

Gonzalo Torquemada

Author: Dr. Gonzalo Torquemada

Featured Image: Brian Yurasits

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