Taking as a transversal axis the 4 modules presented, this course provides a training from which to develop lines of preventive work. In this way we can understand the current context in which education is found, and can apply the contents to the situation of a specific center.

To this end, a training is developed for teachers, students and families, establishing a series of relational links between the three groups that foster an understanding of the realities in which they coexist.

  1. Sociological Approach / Sociological Approach

○ Violence / Violence

○ School Violence / School Violence

  1. Manifestations of Violence / Manifestations of Violence

○ Harassment and its consequences / Bullying and its consequences

○ Anti-social behavior and social actors / Anti-social behavior and social actors

  1. Philosophy of Human and Child Rights: Participation Processes –

○ Rights Approach

○ Concept of “Participation”

  1. Education for Development and School Coexistence

○ Explanation of intervention project

○ Teaching materials and social resources

  1. The intervention project – training