7 Points to Develop 4 Types of Self-Esteem

On our last post about EMPATHY we learnt to recognize the people with whom we live being aware of their feelings. Now we will learn to work together to feel good about ourselves. Here comes into play the role of SELF-ESTEEM, which is the set of feelings that a person generates to him/herself. These feelings are based on the perceptions and interpretations we make of ourselves, within ourselves, based on our interaction with the outside world. Thus from the psychological point of view, anxiety, depression, drug abuse, poor school performance, sexual dysfunctions, and even suicide, have been related to a poor self-esteem. It will therefore be necessary to dig a little deeper into the nature of the psychic components of self-esteem, to understand its processes and to be able to act accordingly. Thus present these 7 Points to Develop 4 Types of Self-Esteem.

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