UNESCO’s Global Citizenship Education

In the previous post we presented the online proposal “connecting worlds” from the NGO Intermon Oxfam. Now we want to share the work of an institution considered a reference in the development of reports and actions related to education, UNESCO. In particular, we would like to set record of the program developed on education for citizenship, being in line with the philosophy of OveHum. The purpose of our proposal searches a humanized model of citizenship, which rests on the full development of the people, respect for living together in harmony, and awareness of belonging to a community. This is ultimately to provide a personal education that promotes the practice of human rights as a means to build a desirable social coexistence based on justice and peace. In this sense, UNESCO’s Global citizenship education (GCED) is one of the strategic areas of work for UNESCO’s Education Programme (2014-2017) and one of the three priorities of the UN Secretary-General’s Global Education First Initiative (GEFI) launched in September 2012. Content is available only for registered users. Please login or register

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